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By , the cousins succeeded in forcing out Managing Editor William Keeley. By , the Examiner was forced to merge with the Chicago Herald. The Tribune won the battle, adding , readers to its ranks. Also in , the Chicago Tribune hosted an international design competition for its new headquarters, the Tribune Tower. The competition worked brilliantly as a publicity stunt, and more than entries were received. The newspaper sponsored a pioneering attempt at Arctic aviation in , an attempted round-trip to Europe across Greenland and Iceland in a Sikorsky amphibious aircraft.

WGN Television was launched April 5, From to the paper supplemented its comic strip offerings with The Chicago Tribune Comic Book , responding to the new success of comic books. At the same time, it launched the more successful and longer lasting The Spirit Section , which was also an attempt by newspapers to compete with the new medium. During the McCormick years, the Tribune was a champion of modified spelling for simplicity such as spelling "although" as "altho".

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Daley was elected mayor for the first time. One of the great scoops in Tribune history came when it obtained the text of the Treaty of Versailles in June Another was its revelation of United States war plans on the eve of the Pearl Harbor attack. The Tribune ' s June 7, , front page announcement that the United States had broken Japan's naval code was the revelation by the paper of a closely guarded military secret. Roosevelt so enraged that he considered shutting down the Tribune. The paper is well known for a mistake it made during the presidential election. At that time, much of its composing room staff was on strike.

The early returns led editors to believe along with many in the country that the Republican candidate Thomas Dewey would win. An early edition of the next day's paper carried the headline " Dewey Defeats Truman ", turning the paper into a collector's item. Truman won and proudly brandished the newspaper in a famous picture taken at St. Beneath the headline was a false article , written by Arthur Sears Henning, which purported to describe West Coast results although written before East Coast election returns were available.

Colonel McCormick prevented the Tribune for years from participating in the Pulitzer Prize competition. But it has won 25 of the awards over the years, including many for editorial writing. Reporter George Bliss won a Pulitzer the following year for reporting, and reporter Bill Jones another in for reporting. A local reporting team won the award in , and architecture critic Paul Gapp won a Pulitzer in In , under the leadership of publisher Harold Grumhaus and editor Clayton Kirkpatrick — , the Tribune ' s began reporting from a wider viewpoint.

The paper retained its Republican and conservative perspective in its editorials, but it began to publish perspectives in wider commentary that represented a spectrum of diverse opinions, while its news reporting no longer had the conservative slant it had in the McCormick years. Not only was the Tribune the first newspaper to publish the transcripts, but it beat the US Government Printing Office 's published version, and made headlines doing so. A week later, after studying the transcripts, the paper's editorial board observed that "the high dedication to grand principles that Americans have a right to expect from a President is missing from the transcript record.

Nixon has upheld the standards and dignity of the Presidency," and called for Nixon's resignation. The Tribune call for Nixon to resign made news, reflecting not only the change in the type of conservatism practiced by the paper, but as a watershed event in terms of Nixon's hopes for survival in office. The White House reportedly perceived the Tribune ' s editorial as a loss of a long-time supporter and as a blow to Nixon's hopes to weather the scandal. On December 7, , Kirkpatrick announced in a column on the editorial page that Rick Soll , a "young and talented columnist" for the paper, whose work had "won a following among many Tribune readers over the last two years", had resigned from the paper.

He had acknowledged that a November 23, column he wrote contained verbatim passages written by another columnist in and later published in a collection.

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Kirkpatrick did not identify the columnist. The passages in question, Kirkpatrick wrote, were from a notebook where Soll regularly entered words, phrases and bits of conversation which he had wished to remember. The paper initially suspended Soll for a month without pay. Kirkpatrick wrote that further evidence was revealed came out that another of Soll's columns contained information which he knew was false.

At that point, Tribune editors decided to accept the resignation offered by Soll when the internal investigation began. He worked for the short-lived Chicago Times magazine in the late s. In January , Tribune columnist Will Leonard died at age Kirkpatrick stepped down as editor in and was succeeded by Maxwell McCrohon — , who served as editor until He was transitioned to a corporate position. McCrohon held the corporate position until , when he left to become editor-in-chief of the United Press International.

James Squires served as the paper's editor from July until December Jack Fuller served as the Tribune 's editor from until , when he became the president and chief executive officer of the Chicago Tribune. The Tribune won 11 Pulitzer prizes during the s and s. Then, future editor Jack Fuller won a Pulitzer for editorial writing in In , Lois Wille won a Pulitzer for editorial writing and Clarence Page snagged the award for commentary.

In , Ron Kotulak won a Pulitzer for explanatory journalism, while R. Bruce Dold won it for editorial writing.

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In , reporter Paul Salopek won a Pulitzer for explanatory writing, and in , architecture critic Blair Kamin won it for criticism. In November , Tribune managing editor William H. In May , Tribune columnist Aaron Gold died at age 45 of complications from leukemia. The Tribune scored a coup in when it hired popular columnist Mike Royko away from the rival Sun-Times. In , the Tribune announced that celebrated film critic Gene Siskel , the Tribune ' s best-known writer, was no longer the paper's film critic, and that his position with the paper had shifted from being that of a full-time film critic to that of a freelance contract writer who was to write about the film industry for the Sunday paper and also provide capsule film reviews for the paper's entertainment sections.

We think you need to be a newspaper person first, and Gene Siskel has always tried to do that. But there comes a point when a career is so big that you can't do that. He was replaced as film critic by Dave Kehr. In February , Tribune foreign correspondent Jonathan Broder resigned after a February 22, Tribune article written by Broder contained a number of sentences and phrases taken, without attribution, from a column written by another writer, Joel Greenberg, that had been published 10 days earlier in the Jerusalem Post.

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In November , Tribune associate subject editor Searle "Ed" Hawley was arrested by Chicago police and charged with seven counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse for allegedly having sex with three juveniles in his home in Evanston, Illinois. In an unusual move at that time, the Tribune in October fired its longtime military-affairs writer, retired-Marine David Evans, with the public position that the post of military affairs was being dropped in favor of having a national security writer.

In December , the Tribune ' s longtime Washington, D. Also in December , the Tribune hired Margaret Holt from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel as its assistant managing editor for sports, making her the first female to head a sports department at any of the nation's 10 largest newspapers.

In , reporter Brenda You was fired by the Tribune after free-lancing for supermarket tabloid newspapers and lending them photographs from the Tribune ' s photo library. Sirott criticized Perkins on the air, and the Tribune later printed a correction acknowledging that Sirott had never made that statement. In December , the alternative newsweekly Newcity published a first-person article by the pseudonymous Clara Hamon a name mentioned in the play The Front Page but quickly identified by Tribune reporters as that of former Tribune reporter Mary Hill that heavily criticized the paper's one-year residency program.

The program brought young journalists in and out of the paper for one-year stints, seldom resulting in a full-time job.

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Hill, who wrote for the paper from until , acknowledged to the Chicago Reader that she had written the diatribe originally for the Internet, and that the piece eventually was edited for Newcity. In , the Tribune celebrated its th anniversary in part by tapping longtime reporter Stevenson Swanson to edit the book Chicago Days: On April 29, , popular columnist Mike Royko died of a brain aneurysm.

On June 1, , the Tribune published what ended up becoming a very popular column by Mary Schmich called "Advice, like youth, probably just wasted on the young", otherwise known as " Wear Sunscreen " or the "Sunscreen Speech. In , reporter Jerry Thomas was fired by the Tribune after he wrote a cover article on boxing promoter Don King for Emerge magazine at the same time that he was writing a cover article on King for the Chicago Tribune Sunday magazine.

The paper decided to fire Thomas—and suspend his photographer on the Emerge story, Pulitzer Prize-winning Tribune photographer Ovie Carter for a month—because Thomas did not tell the Tribune about his outside work and also because the Emerge story wound up appearing in print first. On June 6, , the Tribune published a first-person travel article from freelance writer Gaby Plattner that described a supposed incident in which a pilot for Air Zimbabwe who was flying without a copilot inadvertently locked himself out of his cockpit while the plane was flying on autopilot and as a result needed to use a large ax to chop a hole in the cockpit door.

The Tribune has been a leader on the Internet, acquiring 10 percent of America Online in the early s, then launching such web sites as Chicagotribune. In , the paper launched a tabloid edition targeted at to year-olds known as RedEye. Ann Marie Lipinski was the paper's editor from February until stepping down on July 17, Kern was named the paper's editor in July Focus on something specific.

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